Is there an eco friendly way to keep flies or ants from coming into your house?



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    There are so many “home” remedies to dealing with these two insects, not necessarily proven to be effective. One highly debated method of deterring flies from doorways is hanging a clear bag of water nearby. The most plausible theory on why it could work (there are some crazy ideas out there) is that the reflections in the bag are magnified, causing the fly to be wary of possible predators. For ants, sprinkling cayenne pepper is supposed to be naturally revolting, also citrus oils. If killing the ants is acceptable, you can sprinkle food-grade diatomaceous earth (also great for fleas and internal parasites of pets) which is a fossilized algae dust that gets stuck onto insects and dehydrates them to death in 48 hours, but is harmless to mammals.

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    I used to live in an area that was infested with ants. The best way that I found to get rid of them was water and soap. The soap in the water instantly kills the ants and erases any scent that is left from the ants. Ants are very hard to kill, and can live for a long time when fully submerged in water. Good luck!

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    Ants and other insects may be less attracted to your home if you keep the floor free of crumbs and food spills. Also take the garbage and recycling out regularly. 

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    If fruit flies are an issue, I have a foolproof method for ensuring their demise and it lies in the sugary, irresistible properties of: wine. Simply place an opened wine bottle with a quarter of an inch or so left in the bottom near to the area they’ve been active, and watch them rush in, get drunk, and drown. End of issue; you will be fruit fly-free.

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