Is there eco-friendly shaving cream?



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    The most eco-friendly shaving cream you can find will most likely be the one you make at home. Making shaving cream at home is a green option as well as an inexpensive one.

    Here is a recipe to make shaving cream:

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    My boyfriend uses a little bar of shaving soap in a cup with a boar (?) bristle shaving brush. You can leave the soap in the cup at all times. When you want to shave fill the cup with hot water and let it sit for a minute or two. Then pour own the excess and use the brush to whip up a lather, then apply. I don’t know about on your face, but you can always just shave with regular soap, too.

    There is no can to recycle, plus it is fun and olde-timey. 

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    Eos is a great line for shaving cream. It uses a recyclable bottle, is paraben free, and you are able to use it on wet or dry skin. It is also cruelty free (not tested on animals or has any animal by products in it). The line was originally in Canda but has recently expanded across the US. Or you can always buy online!

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    There are several options for eco-friendly shaving creams. One kind of eco-friendly shaving is one you can make yourself. You use ingredients like honey, castile soap (eco-friendly soap), and aromatics, among others and cook it to create shaving cream. All of these ingredients can be found at a natural food store like Whole Foods.

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    Alba is one of the top eco-friendly shaving creams, along with Kiss My Face, which is very moisturizing. You might also want to check out Pacific Shaving All-Natural Shaving Cream.

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