Is there an eco-friendly rust remover?



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    Yes, there are some eco-friendly rust removers. Try the one below for a natural organic rust remover.

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    The Rust Store ( recommends Evapo-Rust and Bull Frog Rust Remover.
    Evapo-Rust removes the rust but leaves all of the metal behind. Because there is no acid, it is safe for the user to handle and doesn’t produce harmful or unpleasant fumes. Evapo-Rust is biodegradable, free of solvents or caustics.

    Bull Frog Rust Remover is water-based and completely organic and biodegradable.

    Check out this link for a variety of eco-friendly rust removing information:

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    Lemons get the job done. If you don’t have much of them lying around the house, you can also get citric acid. Citric acid comes in the form of crystals or powder. This chemical is sold in bulk for cooking, canning and brewing. Some people also refer to it as “sour salt.” Citric acid can be found in the kosher food section of most supermarkets. It’s also sold in health food stores as a sprouting aid.

    Once you get a hold of the citric acid just mix a teaspoon of it with a quart of water and use it as a homemade rust remover. “Place the rust-stained fabric on a white towel in the sink and drip the citric acid solution onto the spots. It will chemically react with the rust and carry the rust into the towel. Finish by rinsing the fabric in water and wash as usual.” If this still doesn’t work, you can use Oxalic acid which is an organic acid that occurs naturally in spinach and rhubarb.

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