Is there an eco friendly option to aerosol hairspray?



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    Today, aerosol hairspray does not contain chloroflourocarbons, which is the component that affects the ozone. So most hairspray are all eco-friendly. The only other eco friendly option you may have is the container the hairspray uses–anything recyclable.

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      Using CFC gasses as propellant in hairspray is not allowed anymore – at least in this part of the world.
      Today the conventional method is to use butane or propane as propellant – I have always wondered why anyone would spray lighter gas in their hair…?
      Apart from the fact that butane and propane are solvents, and thereby damaging to your health, their global warming potential is too high in order for them to be classified as “eco-friendly”.
      There is an alternative though. A Danish company called Just Spray It is using non-flammable and CO2 neutral propellant in all their aerosols (A hairspray is also available)
      Follow this link for more information about the technology:

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    Not as convenient, an option to buying hairspray is to make your own.  The link below offers a homemade, natural alternative to buying hairspray.  The website offers hairspray for oily to dry hair.  Pour the contents in a spray bottle and you’re ready to go.

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    There is one option if you must have aerosol but your conscious makes you buy the pump, AVEDA Air Control hairspray.  It has a flexible yet strong hold that works for all hair types.  AVEDA funds renewable energy to offset the aerosol so it has a net zero impact on the earth’s climate.  Depending on how you feel about “offsetting” this could be an option.

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    You can even make your own hairspray. You can buy spray bottles at the dollar store or re-use empty ones that you wash out. To make your own hair spray, you need 1 lemon and 2 cups of water. Juice the lemons and then add the lemon pieces and the water to the bowl and set the bowl in a pot of simmering water. Simmer the lemon water mixture until it has been reduced by half. Pour it through a piece of cheesecloth to strain out the lemon pieces. Let the liquid cool, and then transfer it to a clean spray bottle.

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