Is there eco-friendly lipstick?



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    Here is a link to the Cargo Cosmetics webiste.  They offer different cosmetics, including lipsticks that take into account green ideas for their product, manufacturing and packaging.

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    Yes!  The Plant Love lipstick by Cargo Cosmetics is a compostable lipsticks with wildflower seeds inside.  When you’re finished with it, just plant the remains and watch them grow!

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    PlantLove lipstick is a lipstick tube made entirely of corn. PlantLove lipsticks are certified by ECOCERT for being environmentally friendly in Product, Packaging, and Process. 

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    Just a note of caution: Always, ALWAYS look at the ingredients and determine it’s “eco-friendliness” based on that.  I recently got a chapstick that claimed to be eco-friendly and organic….while the ingredients ARE organic, the first ingredient is palm oil…. the #1 contributor to habitat destruction for the orangutans (they’ve been clear cutting their natural habitat in order to plant palms, because of the high demand for palm oil).  I thought I was doing good and trusted the advertisement, but it’s so important as a consumer to do your own research.

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    You can make your own lipstick, which can be more eco-friendly  because you use ingredients that have already been produced. A popular way involves using crayons. To get the correct shape of lipstick, you can buy certain chapstick tubes and fill them with your own lipstick. The basic ingredients of the lipstick are crayons, shea butter, and jojoba oil. You can also add different vitamins and minerals. People say the color lasts longer than regular lipstick.

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    Here are some 🙂

    • Suki’s Pure Cream Stain – very natural looking 
    • Perfect Organics – vegan-friendly
    • Afterglow – popular brand with rich colors
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