Is there an eco friendly baby wipe?



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    Here are three eco friendly wipes:

    1) Disposable Wipe Recommendation
    Seventh Generation Baby Wipes

    2) Disposable Wipe Recommendation
    Nature Babycare Wipes

    3) Reusable Wipe Recommendation
    Mama Rose’s Natural Wipe Packs

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    There are tons! Check out this website for several different specific brands and products, including:
    -Avalon Organics Biodegradable and Flushable Wipes
    -Huggies Unbleached All Natural Wipes
    -Tushies wipes

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    There’s actually several brands! Seventh Generation wipes are made without dyes, artificial fragrances, alcohol, or bleach. Nature Babycare wipes are also bleach and alcohol free, made from biodegradable wood pulp which is sustainably harvested from Scandinavian forests. Their packaging is also 100% biodegradable. These two brands are disposable, but if you’re not put off by the idea of reusable wipes (honestly, the most eco-friendly option), Mama Rose’s Natural Wipe Packs consist of cloth wipes and a special spray made with a combination of floral waters, known to be antibacterial and soothing for sensitive and irritated skin.

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    Seventh Generation is a great brand to choose from, just like the previous answers have stated! I feel you can always rely on that brand. What’s great about Seventh Generation’s baby wipes is that they also have aloe vera and vitamin e lotion. You can also DIY and buy napkins along with aloe vera.

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