is there eco friendly art?



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    Yes, there are a lot of different kinds of eco friendly art. There are sculptures, purses, stained glass, chalkboards, wall art and much more made from all recycled goods. Check out the link below for a company that sells all recycled art. 

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    An eco-friendly version of graffiti street art has been popping up in Brooklyn.  Edina Tokodi has been using moss to create visual creations on the streets of Williamsburg and promote connections to nature.  Her designs are a unique and fun alternative to spray paint.

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    You can make your own using green supplies and materials from places like: Eco Art Works (, Racines Office and Art Supplies ( and Amazing EcoGlue (

    You can buy it from places like: Eco Artware (, (search eco-friendly) and Recycled Art ( 

    You can sell it at your local craft fair, farmers market, town holiday pot-luck or from places like ebay, Craiglist, or your own personal crafting party where you and a group of friends agree to meet, exchange ideas and show off your fun eco-friendly art projects (who knows, maybe someone’ll find the next ‘green’ Mona Lisa!)

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