Is there an eco friendly alternative to fabric softener?



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    Yep! The most popular option is the dryer ball, which is supposed to reduce static cling. You place two or three dryer balls in your load of laundry, and off you go! There are a couple of options for dryer balls. You can buy factory-made dryer balls, which are plastic and can damage clothes, or you can try to find felted wool, handmade dryer balls (you can check out  for these). Tennis balls can work, too.

    Seventh Generation sells an eco-friendly fabric softener product:

    1/2 a cup of vinegar, surprisingly, will make a really great eco-friendly fabric softener as well. Use the vinergar in the wash cycle, not in the dryer. DO NOT use bleach at the same time, though, as that can cause toxic fumes.

    You can also avoid drying synthetics and natural fabrics together, not dry clothing all the way (hang them up to dry while slightly damp).

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