is there drilling involved with geothermal energy?



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    Yes absolutely. The earth’s surface is not nearly as warm as its core. Therefore, to get to the thermal energy (the heat that will raise the temperature of water which will boil and then spin the turbines of your generator), the deeper you drill, the better you are going to be able to heat your water! This is how one page puts how it works:

    “The concept is simple really. Pump water down into the Earth’s core, so it can be super heated by contact with those hot rocks, returning to the surface as steam, which in turn drive turbines to create energy. The water is basically in a close loop, so after spinning said turbines it’s sent off down into the bowels once more.”

    In order to be able to pump that water down into the earth you need to first drill a huge, deep hole in the ground!

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    We do not, and cannot, “pump water down to the earth’s core,” which lies thousands of miles beneath the surface. The hot areas that provide heat for geothermal energy are hundreds to thousands of FEET below the surface. Many of the best geothermal operations, such as those in Iceland, are more like tens of feet underground, not even hundreds.

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