Is there a documentary that changed your life?



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    One of the best documentaries I’ve run across is Food, Inc., directed by Robert Kenner. The subject matter is very relevant to everyone because it is about one of the simplest and most essential choices that we make every day: what we eat. Food, Inc. examines the industrial food system that has developed in the United States, taking a look at the monopoly that a few corporations have over our food. These corporations have turned our food into a commodity, one whose quality has become greatly diminished because there is such a focus on quantity. It was one of the first films I watched about agribusiness, a term that people use to describe the increasingly industrial, corporate nature of agriculture. I think it’s a great introduction to this subject: it is clear, entertaining, and offers excellent style and content. It really gets you to think about the decisions you make at the supermarket. Take a look!

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