Is there different tasting water?



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    Water from various sources can have different tastes depending on impurities or additives. For example, water with a higher mineral content (for example, from a stream) will taste different than purified water, which will likely have those minerals filtered out. Additonally, some water companies treat their water with salt compounds to “soften” the water. Many inexpensive filter systems can remove unwanted tastes from water, in addition to other unwanted compounds. I used to live in an area that added large amounts of chlorine to the water. The local water company did this to avoid “turbidity” issues when the rains came and the local river overflowed. The chlorine was so strong that I could smell it when showering. A simple, inexpensive Brita filter removed the chlorine taste from the water. Note, however, that a simple filter system may remove unwanted tastes from water, but leave other unwanted chemicals and organisms behind.

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