Is there different levels of endangered species on the endangered species list?



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    The International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (ICUN) devised the system of determining an animal’s level of endangerment. There are seven levels with one extreme being extinct and the other being of little concern. The middle five are levels of endangerment which go from near threatened, threatened, vulnerable, endangered, and critically endangered. 

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    The International Union for the Conservations of Nature (ICUN) Red List tracks the number of endangered species all over the world -they are the first organization to create one list for both endangered plants and animals. They have developed nine different levels of species endangerment which are: Extinct, Extinct in the Wild, Critically Endangered, Endangered, Vulnerable, Near Threatened, Least Concern, Data Deficient, and Not Evaluated.

    In order to determine which level of endangerment a species fits into they consider “ the rate of decline, population size, area of geographic distribution, and degree of population and distribution fragmentation,” (“About the IUCN Red List“).

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