Is there a difference between sand fleas and sand crabs?



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    They are the same thing. Sand Fleas are mole crabs which are also known as sand crabs. The sand crab is small approximately 35 mm long and 25 mm wide. It is either gray or sand colored and spends most of its time buried in the sand. It has five pairs of legs that allow it to swim, crawl, and burrow.

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    Sometimes the common name “sand crab” refers to a crab also known as ghost crabs from the genus name Ocypode. Quite a different creature, obviously, with many different species belonging to it.

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    There are a couple of other crabs which are also known as the sand crab. One of these (Corystes cassivelaunus) is otherwise known as the masked crab. It is known to live in the waters around Great Britain and can live as far north as Sweden.

    The other crab that is known as a sand crab (Ovalipes australiensis) is otherwise known as the surf crab. As indicated by its species name, it lives in waters along the southern coast of Australia (including Tasmania) from Perth to southern Queensland. 

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