Is there a difference between natural caffeine (like that found in organic coffee) from the caffeine found in energy drinks or soda?



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    Caffeine is caffeine, however, the combination of other nutrients and chemicals in the drink can change the way your body processes it.   There is also a big difference in price per serving when you compare the two.   Another factor is the amount of carbs in the drink.  Coffee has almost no carbs if you take it without sugar, vs. energy drinks contain a ton of carbs.  One trick that the energy drink marketing companies do to fool consumers is list nutrition per serving, not by the entire can.

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    Caffeine found in coffee differs based on the type of bean, the location it is grown, how long the beans are roasted, and how concentrated the dose is. For example, beans grown at higher altitudes generally have lower caffeine content than those grown at lower altitudes. However, these differences are mainly in quantity. In energy drinks, the difference is even more jarring. The sources of caffeine are so varied that they can be difficult to trace and are combined with ingredients that speed up the bodies absorption of energy. Many energy drinks contain B vitamins which, if consumed in large doses, cause the heart to beat rapidly and create tingling in the hands and feet. They may also contain Ginseng, Taurine, Guarana, sugar, fructose, and other stimulants which each have a unique effect. Most energy drinks contain higher doses of caffeine than coffee in combination with these other stimulants. In fact, many poison control calls are from people who have consumed too many energy drinks and caffeine pills. 

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