Is there a difference between marine biology and oceanography?



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    Marine biology is a type of science under the umbrella term “oceanography”.  It is the study of life in the ocean and its interaction with the ocean.  Other types of oceanography are Geological Oceanography, the study of plate tectonics and the ocean floor, Chemical Oceanography, the study of chemistry in the ocean and how it affects the atmosphere, and Marine Physics, which is the study of the physical aspects of the ocean: currents, tides, salinity, etc.

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    Marine Biology is the study of living things in marine environments.  Oceanography is a physical science, or the study of physical properties of the ocean; sediments, chemistry, plate tectonics, physical properties of water, currents, waves, air-sea interaction, the ocean floor.  All of these physical properties of the ocean can affect the biological aspects of the ocean.  For example, the sediments in a tidal flat change consistency as the tide comes in and covers up the sand and then recedes and leaves it exposed.  Few marine animals can withstand these changing physical conditions, and the ones that can have evolved biological adaptations in able to do so.

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