is there a difference between a food chain and a food web?



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    Food Chains follow a single path as animals eat each other. They are both representations of the predator prey relationship between species in an ecosystem. Food chains tend to be overly simplistic as representatives of the relationships of living organisms in nature. Most consumers feed on multiple species and in turn are fed upon by multiple other species. For example, for a snake, their prey might be a mouse, lizard, or a fog and their predator might be a bird of prey or a badger. 


    Here is an example of a food chain. A simple linear relationship of predator prey interaction.

    File:Food chain.jpg


    A food web on the other hand is a much more complex network of relationships. 



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      Hi Paulomiguel, I just wanted to let you know you can resize the images you insert by clicking them in the wysiwyg box and dragging the little white squares down to the size you want. This is a great explanation, and I’d love to see that entire web!

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