Is there currently uranium mining allowed in the Grand Canyon?



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    There was mining claims being made in the area, but recently The Interior Department has halted all mining operations and claims in the 1 million acre area for the next two years to study the possible effects that mining could have on the area. 

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    The first answer is largely correct.  The Deparment of Interior has temporarily (2 years) stopped the staking of new uranium mining claims on federally-managed lands in the Grand Canyon region.  However, in current times no uranium mining whatsoever is taking place within the Grand Canyon, but only on lands north and south of the Canyon.  Also, even though no new mining claims can be staked in the region on federal lands right now, it is still possible currently for exploration drilling and uranium mining to take place on older (previously staked) uranium claims in this region, provided the businesses planning such work first take the trouble to prove to the land-managing agencies that economic ore deposit mineralization occurs on the claims concerned.  Denison Mines, as an example, has done this and is currently ramping up its work activities up on several areas north of the Canyon, and one area south of the Canyon, in order to produce uranium ore from the general Grand Canyon region.  It should be noted that the Grand Canyon region has been estimated by the US Geological Survey to contain more than 40% of all uranium ore present in the United States.

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