Is there currently any operating oil rigs in the arctic?



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    I don’t think there are any yet, but there is a lot of oil to be found up there. According to the USGS (, at least 90 billion barrels of oil potentially reside in the Arctic. There are already efforts to set up oil rigs, but I can’t find any indication online of currently existing rigs. America and Canada are hesitant to drill in the Arctic, but other countries like Russia and Greenland have rushed ahead to claim land and are making preparations for offshore drilling in the Arctic region. BP, who’s offshore drilling prospects in the western hemisphere are weak ever since the Gulf Incident, is working with Russia to drill in the Arctic. Groups like Greenpeace are fighting against such drilling, but it remains to be seen if their protests have any affect.

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    Yes -Cairn Energy, a Scottish company has a rig, “Leiv Eiriksson,” of the west coast of Greenland. Oil prospecting has extended to the Arctic, as it holds 90 million barrels of oil, and 30% of the world’s undiscovered natural gas, according to US geological experts. Cairn Energy has won permission to drill up to 7 oil exploration wells off the coast of Greenland.

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    There are dozens, probably hundreds or thousands of oil and gas exploration and production rigs and wells operating within the Arctic Circle, if that’s what you mean by “Arctic.” The question has been addressed previously several times; one answer in the link. Russia has its greatest production of natural gas from above the arctic circle, and there are plenty of wells drilled in the Arctic Ocean north of Russia, as well as a few offshore Alaska, and the McKenzie Delta in Canada, if by “Arctic” you mean only in the Arctic Ocean.  All of Alaska’s North Slope production, including Prudhoe Bay, the largest oil field in North America, is north of the Arctic Circle.

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