Is there a conversion kit to change an old supra into a hybrid?



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    That depends on how old the car is. I am not aware of any kits to convert a car into a hybrid. Most people convert cars to be fully electric or add batteries to a hybrid to turn it into a plug-in model. There are kits to convert an old Toyota Prius to be plug-in cars, but I am not aware of any kits to make a non-hybrid car into a hybrid. Most conversions are custom and fully electric. Many people choose models that have already been converted by someone else and get advice from the people who did it before them. So, my best advice to you is to find a your local chapter of the electric auto association, go to a few meetings, and talk to some people to figure out what parts to get. Have fun, and don’t forget to post your conversion on the EV album when you are done 🙂

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