Is there a connection between renewable energy and endangered species?



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    Renewable energy would likely benefit endangered species.  If we had a reliable source of renewable energy then we wouldn’t have to rely on coal and oil.  Drilling and mining would decrease, and habitats on valuable ground which might hold endangered species would hopefully go undisturbed. 

    Global warming might slow, thereby mitigating the effects of climate change such as rising temperatures and desertification.  Less climate change means less stress on the environment, which means less stress on the endangered species. 

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    THe most direct relationship would be that of habitat. However, renewable energy doesn’t necessarily prevent habitat destruction. For example, one of the primary sources of habitat loss is deforestation–deforestation occurs for mining and oil drilling, but it also is widespread as a source of fuel for cookstoves in the tropics, and for heat in temperate regions. Wood, for a variety of reasons, can be a considered a renewable resource, but you have to manage forests properly in order to make it so, unlike diret solar energy or hydro power which are relatively constant.

    However, I would suggest that renewable energy and endagered species are also linked through human population size. So many species are going extinct because of human’s extensive impact on the environment–there are few places on earth, from the ocean’s depths to the atmosphere–that humans have not impacted. It is this same ballooning population size that makes renewable energy such a necessity. Resources that were once renewable within human time-frames, such as trees, can’t necessarily be considered renewable because of the rate at which humans are harvesting wood and modifying large expanses of forest soils.

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