Is there a company that makes eco friendly kitchen appliances?



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    Goodhousekeeping has recommendations for eco-friendly kitchen products from counters to ranges and refrigerators. When purchasing any appliance, the Energy Star label is a good place to start.

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    Depending on if you rent or own, there are various appliances you can buy to make your kitchen more eco-friendly. Energy Star is an excellent place to find large energy efficient appliances. When looking to save energy in the kitchen, first look at your refrigerator because it accounts for almost 15% of an average electric bill. Look for top to bottom fridge/freezers, because they use less energy than side-by-side units. Along with having an Energy Star seal of approval look at the “energy guide label,” so you can compare similar models and make a fully educated decision.  

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    The site Low Impact Living gives a great list of appliances from different companies that are great for the environment. They not only have a long list for kitchen appliances, they can help you find appliances in stores near your location. Check it out! 🙂

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