Is there a clean form of diesel?



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    There are cars that use clean burning diesel, yes. Attached is a link about Volkswagen’s clean diesel cars. The clean diesel is known as ultra-low sulfur diesel, it has 97% less sulfur than traditional diesel. 

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    There are forms of diesel fuel that burn in a cleaner fashion than normal diesel. Ultra-low sulfur diesel is used in model year 2007 and later vehicles so that emission-control technologies are not damaged by excessive amounts of sulfur. Additionally, biodiesel is a fuel created from vegetable oil, animal fat, and leftover grease that emits less pollutants than standard diesel. Biodiesel can be used on its own, but is more commonly blended with petroleum diesel.

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    While diesel fuel itself is becoming cleaner (ultra low sulfer diesel, as previously mentioned), it is up to the car manufacturers to properly harness this fuel.  The additions of particulate filters and fluids (such as adblue) to the exhaust systems help to trap many of the harmful pollutants diesel fuel emits when burned.

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