Is there a certain elevation where oak trees will no longer grow?



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    It depends on the type of oak tree.  Scarlet oaks, which are also called Black, Red and Spanish oak, have been found to grow at 5,000 feet in the southern Appalachians but are more generally found at 3,000 feet and below.  If you’ve ever hiked up a mountain, think of the tree line! has a list of the max altitudes for some trees.  According to the site, Bur, Columnar, Northern, Swamp White and even Scarlet Oak can grow up to 8000 feet while the English Oak can grow at altitudes up to 8500 feet.

    These are both approximations so it’s hard to say which is correct.  It could be that the first source accounts for the elevations of these trees in the Appalachians, which are farther north than Denver (obviously) and so that is most likely the explanation for the disparity.

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