Is there a book that explains the history of environmentalism?



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    There are several books that explain Environmentalism and the Economics involved with its evolution.  One website promises a bevy of books that have been electronically reproduced to reduce our carbon footprints AND keep trees rooted in the ground!

    Visit and search for “environmentalism, history.”  You will be astounded by the numerous eBooks able to quench your Environmental thirst!


    Animus191 Recommendation:

    First Along the River: A Brief History of the U.S. Environmental Movement


    Happy Reading, Trisha!

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    A popular book with college professors can be found on Amazon and is called:

    Environmentalism: A Global History by Ramachandra Guha

    This book covers environmental movements starting around the year 1500 through the present.  Guha is one of the pioneers on ecological issues relating to South Africa, but does a wonderful job of transcending cultures and bringing in different global issues to make them universal.  

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