Is there a black raspberry tree?



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    Black Raspberries (Rubus Occidentalis) actually grow on bushes, just like there cousin the red raspberry.  They are brambled plants that grow 2-3 meters tall.  They grow well all across the U.S., but thrive in the northern states and struggle in the deep south.

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         Black raspberries actually grow on a shrub rather than a tree. There are two seperate species in the U.S.: Rubis leocodermis, which is native to the Western North America, and Rubis occidentalis, which is native to Eastern North America.

    Black raspberries

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    I wonder if you might be thinking of mulberries. The berries are blackish and look sort of like rasberries, but they grow on trees in the eastern United states. The berry is thinner and the mulberry arils are smaller as compared to a rasberry. The stem and stalk of the mulberry is much thinner as compared to a rasberry as well.

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