Is there a better substitute for plastic water bottles?



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    Yes, reusable water bottles. Kleen Kateen or Nalgene bottles are two examples but any reusable water bottle will work. The canteen bottles are even better for the environment that the plastic bottles. The other option for a “disposable” bottle is glass which can be reused and easily recycled.

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    You are still drinking from containers made from or lined with chemicals.  I bought a great reusable glass water bottle from .  Everyone at work asks me about it, and I tell them it’s great.  It has really nice printing on the bottle, and there is nothing like grabbing an ice cold bottle of water from the fridge.

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    I bought a great stainless-steel water bottle from

    The bottle itself is great, doesnt get old, and you can carry it anywhere. Also, this company gives a part of your purchase amount to charity for water relief purposes. I think is a great way to help while you are getting something for yourself.

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      I have been using a nalgene bottle forever and have thought of getting one of these new stainless steel ones. What are the advantages of stainless steel vs the other types of reusable water bottles. This organization seems like they are doing a good thing I may buy from them if I get one.

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      “Advocates for the stainless steel bottles tend to prefer steel for it’s durability (aluminum bottles can dent if they take a hard fall). There is also controversy over aluminum leeching into the water if the lining breaks” That is what their website states..and that´s why I chose that bottle. You can visit their website and they got a lot of answers there.


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      Nalgenes are incredibly durable, but there’s always the chance (as there is with all plastics) that it’s leaking chemicals into your water. BPA, for example, is an estrogenic compound – and we guys don’t really need more estrogen. This holds true for all bottles, and Sigg’s metal bottles, which were found to contain BPA recently.

      Stainless steel is quite durable, and leach-free.

      Aluminum is lightweight, though some nitpicky critics think it may leach aluminum as well. Aluminum has been found in the brain of Alzheimer’s patients – however, one gets a great deal more aluminum from most underarm deodorants than from aluminum bottles, and there’s no science that demonstrates that aluminum causes Alzheimer’s – Alzheimer’s may be causing the aluminum capture.

      Glass bottles are great looking, but it’s a stretch to call them reusable. Most people don’t go buy Snapple bottles and then keep them forever. As such, they’re very easy to recycle – which is good, because they’re not nearly as durable as all the other bottles.

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    I get my water delivered to my organic business in a glass water bottle.  We love the taste.  It comes from the Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas.  I bought a beta fish and didn’t have to use any chemicals in the water to get rid of chlorine because the water was so pure it didn’t even require treatment.

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