Is there an argument for organic foods not being better for the environment?



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    Well, I think there are a couple. Even if food is grown organically, its distribution likely involves burning fossil fuels due to transportation across the country to stores. Organic growers do not necessarily have to use green transportation methods, although many are likely to do so. There is also the issue of land use. If all farms were run organically, that would be great. However, the world is experiencing overpopulation, meaning that more and more food is needed to keep people fed. The problem is that too much constant farming leaches nutrients from soil, which are essential for the short- and long-term production of food, as well as for the nutritional value of the food. So while organic farming is definitely preferred over other kinds, it is not necessarily always good for the environment; there are deeper and more complicated issues to consider.

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    There have been peer-reviewed studies suggesting pesticides used for organic farming being more detrimental to the environment than other pesticides.  There are also arguments which are supported by peer-reviewed articles suggesting the safeness of genetically-modified organisms.  Critics of these articles cite end-user agreements which thus presents a conflict of interest, but are often seen as conspiracy theorists.

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    I used to live in Coalinga, California and the air quality was horrible. I dont think any food could be organic due to the fact that pesticides are being flown over the top of the crops so that no animals would eat the crops…

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