There are more good things than bad things abouts our future.What is your opinion?



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    My opinion is that this statement is not true. Humanities future can go either way at this point. We have the technology and potential to make our future great, but if you look at how society is setting up the younger generations now, I see more bad than good coming. The younger generations are the ones that take over when the older ones are gone, and the thought of the ‘hannah montana’ and ‘jonas brothers’ generation ruling our world is a frightful notion indeed. 

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    This is a really hard question to answer.  It really depends on your worldview, and whether you are an optimist or pessimist.  Personally, I think there will be more good than bad — I believe that we will make progress towards being more environmentally conscious and our worldly awareness will increase over time.  It might be idealistic, but staying positive is what can lead to real, tangible change in the future.  

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