there are how many types of strawberries?



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    Frequently strawberries are organized into 3 groups: June-bearing, everbearing or day-neutral, relating to when and how they ripen and bear. However this seasonal distinction is just a convenient simplification. Wikipedia names some 9 seasonal variations.

    If what’s meant by “type” of strawberry is the number of varieties (cultivars), Wikipedia has an incomplete list of 125 common types, many of which were developed by the University of California or East Malling Research in the UK in the last few decades.

    Almost all are cultivars of Fragaria * ananassa, and two of them that are not are bred mostly for their flower color, according to Wiki. Speaking very loosely, then, one might almost say there’s only one kind of strawberry.

    So take your pick, depending on your intention: 1, 3 or upward of 125.

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