There are how many national forest under government?



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    Under the United States there are currently 155 national forests. In total that is 193 million acres of forest (however, that number incudes grasslands). There is at least one National Forest in all but ten States: Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, North Dakota, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

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    In Canada, 42 national parks exist. The Glacier National Park contains rainforest with cedar and hemolock trees; caribou and grizzly bears also live there. Rainforests can be found in Mount Revelstoke National Park, where cedar trees over a thousand years old grow. Within Pacific Rim National Park, forests meet the ocean coast, and coastal rainforest thrives in Gwaii Haanas National Park and Reserve. Prince Albert National Park boasts conifer forests, bison and white pelicans, and a forest-and-lake environment characterizes La Mauricie National Park.

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