Is there anywhere where bamboo grows wild in the us?



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    At one time there used to be 5 million acres of a bamboo type called Cane Break that grew all across the southeast US. However, once the settlers came to America this bamboo disappeared because the land was blessed with great soil that the settlers realized they could use for their farms. 

    Bamboo is a great plant in the sense that it can grow anywhere, depending on the species and where it is grown. Most bamboo can now be found in the tropical, sub-tropical and temperate zones of the world, which still includes the south eastern states. It is very common to find bamboo in gardens in the USA now because of it’s unique look and the fact that it reaches its full potential just before spring when most garden plants bloom.

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    One particular species of bamboo known as Arundinaria gigantea grows in many areas of the continental United States, mostly in the south-central and southeastern regions of the country. It can also be found, however, in states as far north as New York and New Jersey. Here is a helpful map from the USDA website that depicts the states in which wild A. gigantea flourishes.

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