Is there anywhere that there was never ice?



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    If the snowball Earth theory is correct, then nowhere. Scientists believe there was a time on Earth where the entire planet was covered with glaciers. If however this was not the case, it is likely at one point in time every piece of land was covered with ice due to plate tectonics. However, this would not change the area of ocean around the equator, which was probably still covered with salt water. OF course this is all speculation, and the scientists probably have more evidence and knowledge than I.

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    Even if Snowball Earth happened (and the evidence is strong that it did, possibly twice), there are many areas of the present earth’s surface that have never seen ice for the simple reason that they did not exist when Snowball Earth happened – the rocks (thousands of feet of them in many areas) had not even been deposited yet.

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    Scientists have basically found glacial formations all over the world.  Places like Namibia in Southern Africa, and the Flinders Ranger in Southern Africa have areas carved out by glaciers. 

    Normally, it would make sense because the regions may have been somewhere else in the world (due to plate tectonics) millions of years ago.  However, no real pattern exists for the glaciers, traces of them are pretty much found all over the world.  Thus, scientists believe the earth was covered in ice at one point in time.

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