Is there anywhere I can take injured wild birds?



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    You can take injured, wild birds to wildlife rehabilitation center. Information on where to find such centers and how to pick up and care for injured wild birds can be found here:

    It is important to remember that you can be fined for keeping in captivity a migratory bird, so you shouldn’t think your attempt to help the bird will leave you with a pet.

    If there is no wildlife rehabilitation center near you, you can check to see if local vets can help you rehabilitate the bird. There is one famous vet in my town who will take any injured animal and give it the care it needs.

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    Try contacting your local wildlife center. The Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society recommends safely picking up an injured bird if possible, placing the bird in a closed cardboard box, and putting the box in a place that is safe and warm. They then recommend calling for assistance.

    Here is more information that tells you what to do in case you find an injured bird:

    The link also provides contact information for the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Here is a link to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Directory:

    It will help you find a place to take injured birds in your area wherever that may be.

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