Is there anywhere I can go to look for a green mattress company?



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    There certainly are green mattresses out there. Unless you can locate a store near you that sells them, you might have to purchase your mattress online. I looked but could not find an online directory for that specific item. 

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    Online there are many options of eco-friendly mattresses. These mattresses are made with certified raw materials like: organic cotton, “Naturally Safer wool, and 100% natural rubber latex., I found a website that sells “mattresses, pillows, organic mattress pads, organic crib mattresses and baby products, and bedding” that are all organic.

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    There are a bunch of places online that sell green and organic mattresses, but it may be difficult to find one near your house.  I attached a few links to some green and organic mattress companies that you can take a look at and see if there are any that you like.

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