Is there anyway that we can map the earths carbon cycle?



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    An airborne campaign, being carried out in South America, is showing how space-borne radar could be an answer to mapping carbon stocks from space. The Biomass mission, currently proposed for implementation, would provide consistent global estimates of forest biomass and is expected to greatly improve our knowledge of carbon stored in forests, and better quantify the carbon fluxes to and from the atmosphere from land. The mission would exploit the longest radar wavelength available to Earth observation .

    An airborne radar system called Sethi is also being implemented. Central to the Tropisar campaign and built and run by the French Office National d’Ėtudes et de Recherches Aérospatiale (ONERA), it is flown on a Mystere-20 jet. As Pascale Dubois-Fernandez, who is managing the campaign for ONERA, explains that the Sethi instrument will be used to acquire radar images over the tropical rainforests.

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