Is there anyway that we can get rid of offhsore drilling?



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    In time, it is possible, but completely eliminating offshore drilling is unlikely. The ongoing catastrophe in the Gulf is a harsh reminder of how the U.S. needs to actively pursue alternate sources of energy.  

    The main problem with implementing clean energy is that politicians and interest groups argue over which is the best to use and never end up making any decisions.  I think we should try using ALL of them.  Wind, solar, tide, algae, nuclear, and hydroelectric should be used to offset our dependence on both offshore drilling and foreign oil.  If the U.S. and other countries wholeheartedly pursued alternative energy research, our global dependence on oil would start to diminish.  This would help protect the world from environmental disasters like the BP oil spill, humanitarian tragedies, and wars.  

    I am hopeful that we can stop offshore drilling because of its constant threat to the environment and to the workers on the rigs who face dangers everyday.  

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    There are certainly people who want to see it happen, given the BP oil spill. There are certain hurdles that need to be dealt with, namely where the oil would come from. Getting oil from foreign governments is tricky, as is getting it from ecological preserves such as ANWR. There is also no legal way of preventing an oil company from drilling for oil. If you live in a coastal area near an oil platform you can try to negotiate with the oil company running the platform, as one environment group did in Santa Barbara, CA. Other than that, reduce your use of electrical power and of cars or use alternatives if you can.

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    There are indeed many ways of preventing an oil company from drilling for oil. States, municipalities, and the Federal government have rules and regulations including specifying off-limits areas, ranging from National Parks to other designated areas. If you as a private owner own the mineral rights to your land, you are never obliged to allow drilling on your land.

    To address the original question, you cannot get rid of offshore oil drilling if you want oil; as one answer points out, as long as US consumption is what it is (19.6 million barrels every day), and more than a third of domestic production comes from offshore US, there is no alternative. There is no onshore source that can replace it, and it would be extremely unlikely that that much additional oil would be available for import, even if we wanted to increase our imports by that much.

    Reducing electrical consumption will have no effect to speak of on oil consumption, as only about 1% of US electricity is generated by burning oil products. But the other answer is correct in suggesting reducing driving — A LOT. To eliminate the need for all present US offshore production, every single vehicle, no exceptions, in the USA will need to stand idle for approximately one and one-third days per week, every week, forever.

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