Is there anyway that we can get the beef industry better for the environment?



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    There are certainly plenty of options for reform of our meat industry in the United States. My highest recommendation would be simply to omit beef from your diet, therefore boycotting the industry complete. The less beef we consume, the smaller the impact on the environment. Much of the grain we produce is used to feed livestock, as well as a very large amount of our water. Unless we implicate a large-scale change in american lifestyle, such as smaller impact on fast food, the best way to do your part would be to eat organically and research the advantages of a vegatarian diet.

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    If you are going to eat beef (as you implied you will), I recommend purchasing locally-produced beef, preferably from small farms that grass-feed their cows. The more we support such businesses, the less profitable the big factory farms become, and thus they will shrink.

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    Beef production has really been perverted by the feedlot industry. Feelots use copious amounts of corn as cattle feed. This causes problems with acidosis of the cow’s rumen. The result is that the cow drinks a lot of wate to try to reduce the acidity. Often this is usuccessful and the cow develops ulcers which are treated with antibiotic infused feed. The meat produced by feedlot cattle is also inferior in many culinary and nutritional ways as well. Corn fed cattle are simply the result of the federal government subsidizing corn production. These subsidies cause too much corn to be produced. that is why it is fed to cattle and synthesized into corn syrup. This corn syrup is also a major factor in the obesity epidemic.

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