Is there anyway we can fail global warming?



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    In a lot of ways, the struggle to prevent severe global warming is the struggle to preserve our way of life. Beyond environmental degradations that have been going on for decades, global warming will case many humanitarian issues. Hurricane Katrina is an indicator of the kind of people that will be most affected by global warming. Unpredictable and severe weather, sea level rise, more extreme global temperatures will most affect those who do not have the means and the money to move, to turn up the AC, or turn up the heat. It will effect the elderly, the poor in low lying areas, the poor in cities, countries without the infrastructure to climate shifts that affect agriculture. We have failed at battling global warming when we see it significantly affecting our own species.

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    The world will get warmer regardless of what humans do, as it has many times in the past. However, the quick escalation of global warming due to heavy industrialization and pollution is something humans can prevent, but only if we act on a very grand scale unlike anything that is presently in the works. Perhaps we must now focus on what to do next, now that our system of industrial capitalism is already in the works and doesn’t seem to be slowing. We will have to create “green” commodities that are very lucrative for big businesses. And, unfortunately, we will most likely have to live with the damage we’ve created in many arenas, such as the extinction of several species of plants and animals, more devastating natural disasters, and more severe, irregular seasons.

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