Is there anyway of telling how our livestock is treated in the farms?



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    If at all possible, consider buying local and directly from the farmer themselves. This cuts down on the chance that the meat you’re buying came from livestock on a family farm, plus you can ask the farmer whatever questions you want about how they treat their livestock. There are even some who might let you take a tour of their farm to see for yourself.

    If you can’t get meat from a farmer’s market or similar arrangement where you can meat the farmer yourself, try to look for meat that is specifically listed as being “free-range,” “organic,””certified humane raised,”  ‘grass-fed” (for cattle), or the like. Unfortunately, there are loopholes big enough that you could be eating grass-fed free range organic beef that still came from a cow that spent most of its life in what you would probably consider a factory farm.  Basically, do your research and be aware, and you should be able to at least get an idea of where your meat is coming from.

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    The only thing you can realistically do is go to the farm yourself.

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