Is there anyway to reuse my old computer?



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    Even if your old computer may not seem of use to you anymore, there is certainly someone who could appreciate it. Just throwing it away or even recycling it could be resources that another would treasure. Consider donating your computer to someone less fortunate or an organization that would utilize it. If you’re considering keeping it for your own devices, you could try and clean it up and make use of it. I currently use a Mac but I have an old PC in case I need to use Windows, but it doesn’t get much use. Donating it usually assures that it will have use long after you don’t need it anymore.

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    You can also do many creative things with an old computer. You can actually turn it into multimedia player by integrating it with your home theater setup:,2817,1744923,00.asp

    You can also turn it into a web server:,2817,1744926,00.asp
    or an aquarium:,2817,1744930,00.asp

    You can always upgrade the memory, ram, graphics/sound cards, etc., donate it to a school, or strip it down and sell the parts. Check out the link below for some more creative ideas to do with an old computer

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