Is there anyway to make your lungs bigger?



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    You can’t exactly physically make them bigger, but if you’re talking about being able to hold your breath longer or make your lungs more efficient, then yes:

    • Start swimming, since aerobic exercise will strengthen your lungs, and the water will help to train your lungs to utilise oxygen better.
    • Blow into a balloon daily, and/or take up an instrument like the harmonica. This will improve lung capacity.
    • Do deep breathing exercises often.
    • Finally, don’t smoke and try to live in an area with clean, fresh air.
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    You can also enlarge your lungs in a terrible way–through emphysema. This can occur as an effect of prolonged smoking, when the air sacs, or alveoli, in the lungs lose their elasticity. It becomes much more difficult to exhale, and the lungs become overinflated as a result, making them enlarged. Enlarged lungs are terrible in this case, causing breathing difficulty and forcing the heart to go into overdrive to pump blood through the lungs.

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