Is there anyway to keep our population growth from hurting animals?



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    This question would have served the animals much better a couple thousand years ago, but there are some things we can do and are doing today. The most important resource animals have is their natural habitats, so designating wildlife reserve ares is a crucial part of our coexistence with them. Another way we can protect animals amid our population growth is by cutting down on our use of animal products.

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    Yes, stop having babies. It’s probably the most important thing we can do collectively as a species- to start realizing that population growth is the root cause of all our environmental problems. Putting strain on environments is inevitable, but before the 20th century it wasn’t as big of an issue. As agriculture and technology solved many of the previous barriers to population growth, we started multiplying exponentially (meaning it’s happening faster and faster.) Interestingly, one of the most important thing in curbing population growth in third world countries, is educating women. The more opportunities women have, the less apt and/or able they are to have large families.

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