Is there anyway that I can attract bees to my yard?



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    Bees search for two things in a habitat space: nectar and pollen. If you want to attract bees to your outdoor living area, there are flowers that you can plant that are high in nectar and pollen, and will invite bees to them. When planning your flower garden, you should keep in mind that native bees like native plants, and also skip the pesticides. If you plant the flowers in clumps, and plant flowers of many different colors, more bees will come. 

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    There are certain flowers that bees really like – we’ve have lilac, black-eyed susans, and lavender in our yard, and the bees are always buzzing around them. I’ve linked two lists below of other flowers that attract bees.

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    Sfincher is right. There are a lot of plants and flowers that you can add to your garden that will attract a larger bee population to your yard and keep them there. These flowers include: rosemary, lavender, lemon balm, hyssop, mint, and sage.

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    You should manage your garden based upon the contents and composition of your garden. Lilacs, rosemary, zinnias attract bees very well. When it comes to garden landscape, bees favor less manicured gardens–more free-flowing, natural environments. Similar species of plants should not be clumped together and should plant many diverse species. Lastly, “it is important to plant flowers that bloom successively over the spring, summer, and fall seasons in order to provide pollen and nectar resources to the native bees of all seasons.”

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    In addition to the bees attraction to a variety of plants and flowers within a garden, it is important to keep location in mind. Bees are known to visit areas with sunlight, in order to ensure your garden is effectively bringing in the bees, plant the flowers so that are exposed to the sun. Also be sure to keep in mind that bees are small, and threatening factors such as wind may keep them from reaching their destination.

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    Another way would be to provide bees with a non-toxic environment free of pesticides and insecticides.  Leaving bare ground for ground-nesting bees, and installing shallow pools for mud and water (as a drinking supply) also gives bees incentive to visit your garden.

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    There plants known as bee plants. They are so named because bees like visiting them for their pollen and nectare. Such plants are sunflower and plants that produce sweet scented nectar and pollen.

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