Is there anyway to get rid of the carbon in the atmosphere?



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    There has been a lot of technological work done in this area (see here) One of the more lauded examples was the Global Research Technology/Columbia University “air extraction” prototype. The device worked by sucking carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the air, concentrating it into a stream of pure CO2, which is then sequestered. Similar efforts have been put forth at the University of Calgary (see here), as well as at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where scientists have managed to suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and, through a form of electrochemical separation, reuse it as a clean burning fuel (see here).

    I also just read an article about what fabulous carbon “sinks” forests are. For instance, in an average year the Amazon rain forest soaks up 1.5 billion tonnes of carbon. When you compare this figure with approximately 5 billion tonnes of carbon the United States pumps into the atmosphere yearly, it’s nearly a third. All of that said, however, planting trees, or even reducing deforestation, is not a viable substitute for cutting back on carbon emissions. (Taking the same example of the Amazon, the 2010 drought has actually turned the rain forest into a carbon source over the next few years). Ultimately, severely cutting back on carbon emissions is probably the most viable option.

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