is there anything you want to do for the environment before you die?


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    Everyone can help the environment by recycling, reducing their carbon footprint, and buying energy efficient products.

    However, personally, I would like to help work to curb environmental legislation such that we curb business pollution either through a Cap and Trade model or through straight incentives. I feel even if we are to preserve our environment, if we allow businesses to continue polluting it, we would only be preserving a dead one.

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    I want to personally reduce my garbage output until it’s as small as possible.  When I think of all the garbage I have already thrown away that is stuck in landfills, it inspires me to live more sustainably.  I would also like to plant a bunch of trees to help offset my years of driving.  Of course, it would also be really wonderful if I somehow stumbled upon some kind of carbon fusion that supplies free, clean energy to the world and cleans up the atmosphere, but I am happy to continue to share and nurtur knowledge about living safely, cleanly and happily without damaging our natural resources!  I would also like to bring more attention to the importance of healing the world’s oceans and wetlands as that is my personal issue of main concern.

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    I hope to use my degree to prove that the bioaccumulation of chemicals in personal care products is a real threat to our environment.  These chemicals include things such as triclosan, phthalates, and lauryl sufaltes.  They can be found in almost all popular over the counter health and wellness products like toothpaste, shampoo, etc.  They are potentially carcinogenic and can even be endocrine disruptors.  I hope to use my research to prove what has been flushed into waterways has bioaccumulated in marine mammals higher in the food chain and is negatively affecting their health.  This would hopefully give humans a better perspective of not only what they wash down the drain but what they put on their bodies daily.

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    I have been working with local people in Panama to develop a project that protects the local rainforest and provides the people sustainable, conservation-oriented employment. I would really like to see this project get off the ground and be successful for the people and conservation. This is not easy because it is in a foreign country with a different language and culture and there is little management of the natural areas. It is also a difficult time to fundraise for any project. However, I am determined to see this through and hope it will soon be sustainable.

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    Before I die I want to alter my lifestyle so that I do green things without even thinking about it.  I want to stop forgetting to recycle things, and to walk everywhere without even thinking about driving instead.  If everyone were able to make these changes, our green efforts would become even more extreme and beneficial.

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    I would like to own a house and a car that is completely powered by alternative energy sources. I think we have the infrastructure and power grids to easily switch over. The technology is available for an electric car, I hope they are affordable soon.

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    I would like to adopt a completely “green” lifestyle; using a bicycle as my main way of transportation, becoming either vegetarian or vegan and reducing my carbon footprint are all different things I hope to accomplish as I get older. As a musician/ journalist I would also like to do coverage on the latest adavances in environmental solutions. Living on this earth has shown me that we all need to take care of it. Using our skills to improve it in any way possible is better than not doing anything at all.

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    I would eventually like to have an eco friendly car. Although they are pretty expensive these days, I hope that the prices on them will go down enough that they will become more affordable for more people to own one. I think this could be a great advancement in protecting the environment. 

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    Like kthurber, I want to own a house and car powered by alternative energy. I want to one day own a house outfitted with solar panels, and use as much rainwater I can in the house’s pipelines. I also want to reduce my carbon footprint and continue my composting system, buy local food, and recycle and reduce what I consume. 

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    I want to inspire as many people as I can to be green and live green lifestyles. I want to see less apathetic people and more community effort put towards being green. In my own life, besides inspiring those around me, I want to reduce my waste as much as possible. I also want to have an extensive garden in which I grow my own produce. I love doing this; it is just such a satisfying feeling.  

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    Let’s see. I’ve been car free for about 3 years. Maybe I’ll try going 10 years without owning a car. I’d like to start an environmental group at my school. Also, I want to beautify New York City. I’d like to help make it a more environmentally friendly place. Hopefully, over the next few years, I’ll be able to really affect change in the city. I mean, I just don’t understand why we haven’t already demanded vertical gardens. They seem like a great tool with which to beautify the city and offset carbon emissions. I know these ideas seem grandiose, but I hope I can help the city get to where it needs to be.

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    Donate a majority of my life savings to The Nature Conservancy, hopefully that goes into preserving a piece of wilderness for an eternity. 

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