Is there anything wrong with de-barking your dog?



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    This practice of surgically silencing a dog’s ability to bark has been called “cruel” and “barbaric” by some. The “debarked” dogs are often put through this procedure in the pound, which is “basically like signing their death papers.” Not many people want to adopt a dog that has no “voice,” and so the dogs end up being killed. Critics say that if people find themselves unable to keep a dog and put up with its behavior, bark included, then they shouldn’t adopt one in the first place. It is not only critics who are angry over this issue – many surgeons and vets across the board refuse to go through with the procedure as well.

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    Just adding another point: I would be concerned with the psychological effects it may have on the dog. Dogs are social animals, and their bark is a primary means of communication. Furthermore, it basically seems like you’re putting the animal under nonessential, but dangerous, surgery for the sake of convenience, which simply rubs me the wrong way. The cited website offers more information on both sides.

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    Debarking involves an invasive surgery that severs the dog’s vocal cords.  Whenever you put your dog through surgery, you put him through several potential risks and dangers, including those associated with anesthesia drugs and the surgery itself, including infection and injury. 

    Debarking is entirely non-essential.  The surgery has no benefit for the dog whatsoever.  Opting to debark your dog is putting him in a potentially dangerous situation solely for your own convenience and preference.  Even if the surgery itself goes without complications, the dog may develop excessive scar tissue at the surgical site post-surgery, making it difficult for him to breathe.


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