Is there anything wrong with being sustainable?



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    Absolutely not. The sad thing is we do not have the technology to completely sustain our lifestyle. Being sustainable is more of a theory today than a practice. It is the idea that we can sustain our life for a large timescale and at the same time sustain all of the ecosystems the Earth has to offer. It is something we should all strive for as a species.

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    I think there’s nothing wrong with sustainability as a long-term goal. I think it’s the only way that the planet Earth will be able to continue to support human life on any kind of large scale. There are a few criticisms of the politics of sustainability, by those who note there seems to be a population control agenda which could become authoritarian. Others criticize the vagueness of the concept. Some believe that more developed nations pushing the concept of sustainability on poorer nations is a manifestation of colonial/captalist oppression. I think it’s important to keep these criticisms in mind when developing public policy on these issues, but not allow those criticisms to derail sustainability as an ultimate goal.

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    By aiming to be sustainable we reduce consumption, reduce waste, make products more efficient, use less energy, promote the use of renewable energy resources, and much more. I do not see anything wrong with this. For some people aiming to be more sustainable will mean making some changes in their lifestyles such as; driving less, using public transportation, purchasing local organic produce, reading what is in the food they purchase, learning about the companies whose products they purchase, and more. This may require more time but the benefits will be seen everywhere.

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