Is there anything we have done to make riding bike safer for everyone in America?



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    Eliminating leaded gas improve the respiratory safety for everyone.  There have also been some design requirements for the front ends of cars that have reduced injuries in collisions.  More work can be done on the design of motor-vehicles.

    Finding single things that are broadly enough implimented is difficult.  The next think might be to reduce speed limits across the board.  This would both improve air quality and reduce collisions.

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    I think that the best thing that we are doing and should do more is to educate people (both drivers and cyclists) about bicycling safely. The League of American Bicyclists (formerly the League of American Wheelmen) is doing this by offering Smart Cycling (formerly Effective Cycling) courses. My dad was an Effective Cycling instructor. I have cycled all my life and I have never felt unsafe on the road because I know how to handle drivers who don’t know how to handle bicyclists. However, I think that things would be much better if all new drivers had to pass a Smart Cycling course before getting their license. It wouldn’t take much to make it part of our high school (or middle school) curriculum. It would also take the burden off parents for driving their kids to school if all the children within a ten mile radius of the school rode their bicycles. So, if you ever get a chance to advocate this at a PTA meeting… 🙂

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