Is there anything that we do to protect the pyramids from erosion?



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    Yes. Assuming you are referring to the Egyptian pyramids at Giza, outside Cairo, archaeologists and preservationists are quite concerned about erosion and other factors that threaten these thousands-years-old monuments. Erosion and degradation, not just of the pyramids but also landmarks like the Sphinx and the tomb of King Tutankhamen, has accelerated in recent years due largely to one factor: tourism. The constant influx of people to the sites takes a terrible toll on the fragile stone and delicate decorations. For those reasons, preservationists recommend limiting tourists’ access to the site, such as opening individual pyramids to the public on a rotating basis while keeping others closed, building a picnic ground to keep the picnickers confined to a single area, and limiting new excavations on the site. Electric cars and other eco-friendly measures have also been proposed to limit the impact of tourists. Preserving monuments in Egypt is a particular concern because the country is not rich and lavish preservation is very expensive, while at the same time the Egyptians depend on worldwide interest in their cultural heritage for a great deal of economic influx. Egypt has been struggling with these problems for decades and likely will for many more to come.

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