Is there anything we can do to the trash in landfills to make it break down faster?



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    Current landfill designs pack the garbage in too tightly for it to biodegrade, so even food isn’t breaking down. There are newer landfill options that can separate out compostable garbage from the rest, and add the necessary water, air, and microorganisms into it to encourage breaking down. But these are much more expensive.

    However even biodegradable trash releases methane, a major greenhouse gas. 

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    Think about products as you purchase them and choose wisely. All we can do as individuals is limit our landfill contributions. If everyone could compost and recycle (and this is not a real option for so many communities), then what goes into landfills would be limited to fewer types of materials, at which point it may be possible to research and develop specialized decomposing agents. My thought is: the simpler the heap, the more manageable.

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